Welcome to Bru4U Geelong!

We are Victoria’s first brew-on-premise micro brewery. Be the budding brewmaster and create your own preservative and chemical free beer!

We are industry experts dedicated to helping home brewers and beer lovers take their interest to the next level! We coach you through the brewing journey and care for your brew until it’s ready for you to take home!

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The Bru4U Brewing Process

You can either learn to brew under the guidance of our industry experts (see ‘Brewing’ below), or we can brew for you (skip straight to ‘Packaging’).


  1. Give us a call to book in a time to brew (this will take approx. 1.5 hours).
  2. Choose a beer from our list of over 200 different styles. See our menu here:

    We are happy to help you with your decision on the day!
  3. Our experienced brewers will take your through the brewing process.
  4. The final step on brewing day is to book a packaging time – this will be at least 10 days from the date you brew, to give the beer time to ferment.

Then you can sit back and relax, while we ensure your brew ferments down to the correct level in our temperature controlled rooms. This ensures a controlled fermentation and consistent product every time.


When you arrive on packaging day we will have prepared your beer for you by filtering your beer through our three stage filtration system. This ensures a clean and clear sparkling beer every time. Before you arrive we will also carbonate your beer, to once again ensure your brew comes out in perfect form!

  1. Book in to package and advise us which packaging option you have chosen. You have four options:
    • bring your own clean, recycled bottles (we will steralise these before you bottle, however they need to be relatively clean), 
    • purchase bottles (after the first purchase you can re-use), 
    • purchase cans (not re-usable), or
    • kegs (if you have a keg fridge set up at home, we will wash and refill your kegs with no effort required on your part).
  2. Package and take home to enjoy!

Any questions? Give us a call or send us an email.

Note: we have a refrigeration storage service (free of charge) on site if you are short of fridge space at home!


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